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Geothermal, O&G (Upstream) Advanced Solutions
Data Engineering and Earth Sciences

Having Goals

Hardest part for many is to focus and decide on the goals that will carry you up the ladders. If decision is given, keep the goals in sight to achieve them. There will be both big and small, long-term and short-term goals which will fuel the motivation. Alongside the goals, dreams will get everyone excited and goals will power us to take the next step. 

Tracking Performance

Having goals in sight and remembering them is crucial. But how did we do on our last try? Could it have been better? What to change next time? So we have the courage to ask these questions, face the criticism and keep a record of what has been accomplished. 

Working Clever

Our brain is wired in a way that there is an element of laziness that pushes us to search for the most effective and sometimes out of the box methods to carry off a task. What is crucial is deconstructing the steps and finding shortcuts that will work. Click below and see some infographics about past experiences.   


Why spend many hours and create a web page instead of updating my CV on a text editor? That is because I choose a different path. A less chosen, more challenging but more rewarding.

After reading hundreds of CV's during recruiting new team members on my previous roles, I developed a different understanding about how should one present themselves. Please take some minutes of your time to navigate through my page. But if you want to see a very brief summary, here it is: 

An Engineer by training with a degree of MBA. Has 12 years of interdisciplinary experience with Turkish and English spoken working environments covering a range of roles from field engineer on drilling rigs to mid-level management. He is evaluated as having a broad perspective, being the right person, committed, self-motivated, analytical thinker and capable. He has studied internationally, he has been the award winner of university project contest, given numerous presentations and training about scientific and technical topics to 10-100 people audiences. Last but not the least, he has been working in big projects as the expert/consultant for data analysis, performance analysis and advanced solutions. Please feel free to contact me for our services on oil&gas and renewable consultancy. 


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