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I have built many devices and tools over the years. I like having my hand tools around to work on stuff. I do my own maintenance on my bikes and cars. One of the most noticeable device I designed and built was the "pull-apart basin simulator" for geology education.  

2 wheel enthusiast 

Riding my motorbike is a liberating activity for me. I have taken cross-country and international tours with my bikes over the years. The YouTube channel and Facebook group "UTR" has some adventures of me and my friend. 

Amateur musician 

I am a drummer. Currently I don't have a band but occasionally we get together with some friends. 

Nature and night photographer

I am an amateur nature and night photographer. you can wisit my 500px page to check out some of my pictures. 

Tech geek

I am already into the cryptocurrencies and NFT world. I have created an artist page and started selling the artwork of my 3 year old children as NFT to support their further education. 

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