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Experienced Geological Engineer. November 2022 – current

Working in the HQ for Exploration Department of TPAO and responsible for coordinating the efforts of third party geological service providers and TPAO Project teams. Providing trainings and experienced interpretation of on-line drilling data by following daily activities of more than 20 rigs in 5 major oil and gas fields across Turkey. Providing final checks and interpretation of the final well reports and advanced service reports that have been provided by third party geological service providers to make them usable and standardized across differet departments within company. 

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EU-CIS Region Advanced Services Coordinator. March 2019 – November 2022

Acts as regional expert. Responsible for managing advanced services and personnel active in his region of operations. Responsible for identifying existing and new demand and providing upselling opportunities. Supports sales teams for technical requirements. Creates teams and initiates new jobs, supports and coordinates execution of services, controls and supervises daily operations, quality controls the deliverables and collects client feedback. Represents the company at conferences, trade shows and networking platforms. Trains new specialists and supervises provision of internal documentation on above topics. Reports to Region Manager. 

“we have saved over 8% of productive time with the performance analysis. When you consider daily costs of operation, this saving accounts for more than 100K USD”

GPN, Project Manager

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Turkey Operations Coordinator. February 2017 – February 2019

Responsible for managing a team of 40 field engineers active in his region of operations. Follows and quality checks the deliverables of daily operations. Makes sure that correct steps are taken when there are technical problems. Manages the client relationship and makes sure requests coming from the client is communicated to correct teams. In addition, he sets financial targets, creates leads for new opportunities, helps managing contractual negotiations and sales of new services. Coordinates logistics of equipment and personnel. Reports to Country Manager.


Business Development Consultant. April 2016 – February 2017

Conducts market research and analysis for marketing and development of franchisees under the Küçük Şeyler and Yönder education brands focused for Ankara regions. Reports to CEO. After completing this project based and part-time duty, he went back to Geolog International with the experience he gained in this role. 


Technical Sales / Business Development. October 2014 – April 2016

Responsible for creating leads for new opportunities, closing deals, managing contractual negotiations, representing the company at conferences, trade shows and networking platforms. Coordinates the creation of marketing materials and distribution. Setting targets for yearly division budget and reporting the process. Reports to Country Manager.

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Data Engineer / Unit Manager. May 2012 – October 2014

Started as the junior member of a 4 to 6 people field crew which observes and reports Oil/Gas and Geothermal drilling process 24/7 and in a short period of time raised to team lead (Unit Manager) position. During his time, he had chance to work on major projects for clients like TPAO and Perenco in Turkey. For the last one and a half year of his experience, he had chance to work at the Northern Iraq (KRI) operations of GKPI where he has been requested in written by the management of GKPI, due to high satisfactory performance, to be assigned to their operations permanently. Level: Confirmed Data Engineer.


Sales Engineer. December 2009 – May 2012

Responsible for sales of the motorcycling merchandise and second-hand or used motorcycles at retail store.

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